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With Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading rapidly we are running out of N95 masks, sanitizing, disinfecting, and other PPE supplies.

Please contact us at to confirm product availability before placing your order for any PPE supplies (N95 masks, sanitizing/disinfecting supplies, thermometers, isolation & protective gowns).

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


    We are a physical (B&M - Brick and Mortar) retail store located in the Chicago, Illinois suburb were we serve our customers throughout the Greater Chicago area and suburbs since 1999.

    We have introduced our online store to serve medical supplies needs not just in the Greater Chicago area but around the country too. 

    We were able to secure good prices on your behalf with major brand name manufacturers and passing the savings to you. Most of our prices are more then twice lower that you can find in major retail chains like Walgreens, Osco, Savon and others. 

    At, our mission is to be the dominant supplier of cost effective, state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment. As well as help people live happier, healthier lives by providing quality medical products with exceptional personalized service.

In carrying out our day-to-day business, we will strive to…

…Deliver Excellence in Service: We will do our very best in meeting the needs of our partners, the physicians, and their patients, by providing unparalleled level of Service, both pre-sale and especially after-sale Customer Support.

…Serve our Customers with Credibility and Integrity: We won’t make promises that we can’t keep and will deliver on the promises that we have made.

…Offer Medical Devices that are both Patient-Friendly and User-Friendly: By delivering state-of-the-art medical equipment to our nation’s caregivers and patients, we at want to make a difference by helping to improve the ability of physicians to provide world class healthcare treatment to their patients.

…Provide Information and Competence: We will become experts in our area of service by gaining an increasing body of knowledge and expertise that we will freely share with our customers which in turn will enable us to see our vision become reality. At, we firmly believe in the adage: A knowledgeable customer is the best customer.

Be assured that whatever the need, we are committed to exceeding our client's expectations by delivering the best products, pricing and service. Please contact us at listed below address. Our emails are answered daily normally within 2 hours of receipt from 8AM to 6PM CST Monday - Friday.