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Reliant 350 Stand-Up Power Lift INVRPS3501

Reliant 350 Stand-Up Power Lift INVRPS3501
Item# IV381454

Reliant 350 Stand-Up Power Lift

Comfortable lift has numerous safety features, and is ideal for use with dependent weight-bearing residents, and those needing rehabilitation support. Adjustable pivoting leg support features a soft pad with lateral contour that secures legs in three positions for comfort at any height. Wide, non-slip footplate provides stable base for transfer. Adjustable leg strap option secures leg against knee pad for optimum positioning on footplate. Easy to operate with features such as fast, simple sling attachment that protects against accidental disengagement; a wide push handle; good access for clothing removal; and its ergonomic design makes it ideal for toilet transfers. Also, its innovative adjustments adapt to a wide variety of body sizes and shapes for comfort at any height, width and weight. Multifunction slings feature extended back support that prevents pressure in the axilla area, and allow for quick toileting, stand assist or full-support seated transfer. Under-bed clearance allows accessibility to most nursing home, hospital and home-care bed styles. Removable battery eliminates downtime. Warranty includes three years on lift, one year on electric components. Specifications: Overall Height: 39.6" - 63.7" Clearance: 4.5" Base Length: 35.5" Base Width: Open: 36.8", Closed: 25.7" Caster Options: Front: 3", Rear: 5" Product Weight Capacity: 350 lb Product Weight: 115 lb Battery: Two 24V DC batteries shipped with unit Charger: Output: 24V DC Power: Audible low battery alarm, Lifts per charge: 150 - 300 (varies with lift range and load)

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Specifications for: Reliant Stand Up Lift -Sp - INVRPS3501

Product Name:Reliant 350 Stand-Up Power Lift
Manufacturer:Invacare Corporation
Manufacturer #:INVRPS3501
Packaging:1 Each/Each
Description:Reliant Stand Up Lift -Sp; Height Adjusts~39.6" - 63.7"; Length~Base: 35.5"; Width~Open: 36.8", Closed: 25.7"; Weight Capacity~350 lb;
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Patient Lifts Acc
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: E0635;

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